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WhatsApp is Planning to Delete Your Chat History: Here’s How to Secure Your Old Photos, Messages

WhatsApp is Planning to Delete Your Chat History: Here’s How to Secure Your Old Photos, Messages

WhatsApp and Google have shaken hands on a collaboration of sorts, and the news came out a few days ago. The latest update is WhatsApp chat backups can be free of eating up any of the google storage space you have with you, and the backup space would be ‘free’ for users.

This is expected to get into effect as soon as November 12th, 2018, and Google Drive has started informing WhatsApp users via email have informed them of the update. The fact that with this shift of backed-up chats to free storage, google drive deletes all chats of users that are not backed-up on google drive before November 12th.


What will happen to all the media files and chat backups?

The users when they use WhatsApp to chat with other users, as well as share photos or videos, can see the data on their phones. For instance, any photo shared or received can be backed-up in smartphone’s photo app. Now, this won’t be affected in any way unless users change their new phone (without any backup) or the phone is damaged or is affected by any unfortunate problems that lead to it not working.

Users to have ‘Free’ Google Drive storage for their WhatsApp activity.

Google Drive deletes chats that are not refreshed

Google Drive is also expected to delete chats or back-ups from WhatsApp that are not refreshed onto the Drive. It might sound a little complicated, but it merely says that you need to connect WhatsApp to Google Drive before November 12th to protect previous chats and media files that might not have been backed-up until now on Google Drive. So to be sure your chats data and other media files are protected, connect WhatsApp to Google Drive again.

You can do it manually by following the instructions from below –

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Open Menu and then click on settings.
  • Tap on Chats
  • Go to Back Up and see the last backup details.
  • Choose to Back up the data (again if necessary)

The idea behind this news is to provide users with free data to back-up their chats and media. Google Drive does not want users to worry about how much WhatsApp might consume their allotted storage, while to accommodate the same they need to compromise on relieving off a lot of possibly essential data. This move ensures that WhatsApp users will if they need their data, back-up their WhatsApp to Google Drive all over again.

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